Longest Game Blurb Feedback – Status Update

February 26, 2013

I’ve been reviewing the blurbs you all have posted and I realized that the best feedback I can give in this challenge is to offer methods and ideas for developing and testing your game. While the idea of playtesting early and often is seriously good advice, a dozen multi-year playtests interspersed with redesigns requires a tremendous amount of patience and focus. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to test outside of the full scope, while still giving you valuable information: desk-checking solitaire techniques, micro-playtests, cognitive science analyses of event distributions. These work like computer modelling and wind tunnels do for aeronautic design, valuable tools before putting in the expense and effort of the full test flight. I want to offer what I hope will be useful suggestions in how to decompose and attack your game so you can make some real progress over next month.

Which is a good deal more effort on my part than just saying what I like about each blurb. Unfortunately, illness and work deadlines have thrown a spanner into my own planned deadline. in giving feedback. Still, I expect to be rolling out those discussions over the next few days.


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